Educate youth. Give them the positive ideas of knowledge and science

Message from the Chairman

Cyber security Federation, abbreviated SGF, is an independent non-governmental organization. It produces scientific ideas and projects in which technology is used in all areas related to the benefits of Turkey, the welfare of its people, and the strong existence of the state. Through proposals and reports, SGF shares its work with the public and/or relevant institutions and organizations.

The concern of SGF covers all areas where technology can be used. The criteria that the federation uses as a base when determining the subjects and titles of its works is that the notions, ideas, proposals, or projects to be produced create a positive value in terms of national interests and public order.

In this sense, benefits of Turkey are the cornerstone for SGF. From technology-based work areas such as cyber security to social areas such as sociology, all fields, and disciplines where technology can be used to make a difference are the focus and field of activity for SGF.

Knowledge and the values produced within the framework of knowledge play an active role in the global economic and political competitive environment of the countries. As an extension of the innovative nature of technology that makes a difference in every field, this tendency continues increasingly. All projects, solutions, ideas, and information in which technology plays a key role and serves our national benefits gain importance as much as a conventional political, economic, and military power.

SGF informs the industries, public authorities, universities, and all relevant sectors about its work with scientific articles and reports. It turns its results into a framework. This framework can sometimes serve as a solution to existing problems, and sometimes it can take on the task of improving successful mechanisms. With a vision of a future projection, it can include proactive approaches suggesting how to deal with the problems and developments that Turkey may face in the medium and long term.

Among the SGF study topics related to technology: Cyber Security, Informatics, Technology, National Production, Education, Insurance Systems, Finance, Public Technology research are the main topics.

Batuhan Tosun
Chairman of Cyber Security Federation